Beyond Everything.


Formation of by hassan abdul rahman and sofiyan-ul-ahsan. purpose was simple to publish a book to present our own thoughts to a very small audience.


New narritive and motive was set in the online world in which we started selling website on order for very small business.

May 2019

This idea was a booming success we sold over 5 websites which was a good funding for a small cause.

August 2019

A small step to get to the e-commerce industry of selling online products on

SEPT 2019 wasn't a big success because of problems in marketing and lack of funds.

OCT 2019

Bankruptcy of RUBEC this was a big turn we owe a lot to the lender's and our sales on ecommerce were null, no signed up for funding, no one came to build own website's with us.

The saviour Nov 2019

While we were facing issues with our company by the Grace of God almighty. our E-Book got online when we published it on google play books. many people purchased and indirectly helped us. we were astonished by the power of technology.

2020 The Profitable year

Many of the small business owner, institutions, Diagnostics centre's signed up with us for making their custom websites.

2021 The Crypto Year

we will be launching our own crypto token soon and for 1st time in history a registered company will sells it shares through their own crypto tokens. which means this website has its own crypto token.

2021 November

Launching a Gaming zone for all age groups with attached office for website consultancy. and also starting an Trust on the name the earliest investor Khairunissa for the fight against alzihmer and other mental diseases.

Sofiyan Saboor