Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

Are coding bootcamps worth it? detail analysis and breakdown by

What is Coding bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps offer coding or programming to the applicant, and it’s the applicant’s or student’s choice to select the coding language they want to learn.

The user selects a specific coding language that they are willing to learn.

What is the best age to learn to code?

The best age lies in the student interest, but the main thing is for learning programming requires basic mathematics.

Which is needed to learn various aspects of programming.

If your age is 20 and above (and sound in mathematical operations), then you can proceed to learn.

Bootcamps Vs. University’s

University and college are around 3-4 years, and bootcamps are just for a limited amount of time (1-6 months) in which bootcamps give practical skills.

bootcamps are more expensive than a public college.

Colleges provide a degree that improves your impression. But bootcamps either give a certificate of participation or appreciation.

Which is less important than a university or college degree.

but still, it’s your choice to choose whether you wanted to program to be a profession or a side achievement

Choosing the Best coding language

If you have already chosen the coding language that you will be learning in the Bootcamp, there is a small tip for you to either change your mind or continue with your choice.

In today market the most trending coding languages are:


JavaScript or JS  is a programming language that conforms to the ECMAScript specification.

(interoperability of Web pages across different Web browsers.)

Javascript demand is rising as the website needs 3 elements which is HTML (Hyper text markup language)

CSS (cascading style sheets) and Javascript to create a perfect site.

Javascript is now the most popluar language in the world.


for beginners its good to start with python because its beginner freindly and python is now being used in most of the branches of technology.

and because of the demand the programmers are paid very high.

weather it is machine learning or web development python is every where.

last but not the least Swift


swift is an open source programming language by, and its based on mobile application development in IOS.

and day by day swift is becoming the most popular language for application development in IOS.

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS and beyond.

Expensive courses by tech companies:

Tech companies are getting there hands on teaching the children between age 6 to 18.

Just Block based which is not that much required in the market. and will be completely useless in the upcoming years.

by spending a lot of lots of amount on other big tech companies for just one on one interaction. you can try cheaper or free courses like Udemy, Unacademy or the video giant youtube.

In this you have a vast choice and a bigger scope.


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Are coding bootcamps worth it? detail analysis and breakdown

Are coding bootcamps worth it? detail analysis and breakdown by

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