How do I stop Avast browser from opening on startup?

Avast is the most famous anti-virus troubleshooter after windows defender bugs. Most people have migrated to avast anti-virus, but in 2020 avast fame is getting day by day down just because of an unnecessary plugin.

unwanted application getting installed while extracting or downloading, and merely asking you to upgrade their software to a premium version 

Avast anti-virus premium membership, which, in my view, is ultimately a fraud or spam.

How do I stop Avast browser from opening on startup?

Uninstall the Avast Browser

  1. go to your Control panel
  1. And choose to uninstall the application
  2. Make sure you choose only Avast browser, not Avast Anti Virus
  3. After clicking uninstalling the Avast browser. they will redirect you to steps 
  4. choose continue and uninstall

Another Alternative

Change the setting in the startup application.

1. Open the task manager by clicking right ctrl+right shift+Esc button, and this pop up will show you the usage of your system

2. Navigate to the startup tab.

3. Choose Avast browser from the list and right-click it and choose Disable.

by this next time you power on your PC, the avast browser never pop up, and it will not consume RAM, and that will boost your computer

this is how you can How do I stop Avast browser from opening on startup? make sure you check out our post on our website

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