How to delete a gmail account google – easy steps 2021 Feb.

how to delete gmail account google – easy steps 2021 feb new update –

Are you moving to another mail provider or wanted just wanted to get rid of an existing Google account.

Deleting your entire Google account is impossible as you will still have access to Google Drive, google play, google calendar and more.

Deleting a Google account is permanent and cannot be changed to active,

so please confirm that you move will lead to your google account’s permanent closure.

For Gsuite users, you have to go to, click on subscription, and cancel your active Gsuite account ID.

  1. step one:- Go to

For instance, on the top left click on search icon and type Delete your Google account and select the option from the drop-down.

2. For instance, on the top left click on search icon and type Delete your Google account and select the option from the drop-down.

3. If asked type in your Password once and continue

4.Then click on Delete Products.

5.Optional Step If you want to keep a backup, you can click on Download DATA.

6.Now locate the service you wanted to permanently delete it and click on the trash icon to continue.

7.Then you will get a pop up to send a verification mail to your Gmail to verify that its the real user or not. your mail refresh it until you see that mail by google and open it to see a link or a button to delete your google service or product successfully

9.And lastly, get click delete account by ticking both the box with the blue tick onย 


How to delete a Gmail account google

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