How To Get To Northrend

How-to get to Northrend in warcraft so let’s start our journey from Stormwind to Northrend. Now, most people will know this already because it is quite simple.

I don’t think it’s updated always been the same, but for people who haven’t played this game before, they won’t know about this—journey towards Northrend.

map to northrend
Please see were we are showing you the hand (cursor)

in the map look Over the docks, it’s that dock top one on the Storm wind map, or if you’re looking at DOCK, it’s the one on the right-hand.

The side next to the lighthouse, but you want to get, will take you to a place called Borean tundra.

and the place your the land called valiance keep, so I will little right over there and wait for the boat. I’ll probably edit out the ship arriving.

ship on the dock to northend

So here we are guys, the boats arriving now, so basically get onto the ship.
Get stop there if you have an excellent little view.

Just run-up to the front, and there’s a short period you have to wait, and then the boat will take off, and you will sail across the ocean to Northrend.

so we are guys now arriving at Borean tundra, and you run that place called Valley and keep so that’s how you get here, and to get back is pretty much stay on the boat.

and do the exact opposite of what you did get here, so that’s the way to
Get back anyway.

Any more question feel free to google it.

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