How to lock Facebook profile easy step by step: Easy method

How to lock Facebook profile easy step by step: Easy method- by Techcraze 2021

Facebook a platform which has active users of around 1.785 billion launched a feature on May, 2020 which allow the user to lock their profile.

How to lock Facebook profile easy step by step: Easy method

About this feature

By this feature the person who is not in the friend list will not be able to forward or download the picture and cover photo.

(Facebook will not even let the user to zoom in the picture), not only this the user Facebook will not let the non friend user to see the pictures in the profile feed section.

(post or videos will be kept private just like Instagram private mode).

Steps to lock profile: (Mobile)

1.Open your Facebook application go on your Profile section.

2. Click on the 3 dots under your name of the profile. on Lock your profile.

4.Continue doing the Facebook proccedings to successfully locing your account.

So this how you can lock your profile.

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How to lock Facebook profile easy step by step: Easy method.

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