How to reset pokemon sun

How to reset pokemon sun

so this is about how to reset pokemon sun Just in case if you’re new to the Pokemon franchise

the Deleting the save file function is actually not in the main menu it’s

hidden and in order to access it.

you have to input a select cheat code so once the legendary screen pops up on the bottom.

screen hit up X and B it has to be at the same time or won’t work, and it’ll bring you to this delete

screen right here and you have to confirm

twice to delete the save file.

once again once you get to the legendary the screen

on the bottom of the Nintendo 3DS hit up X and confirm

twice and there you go you should be able to delete your save file

this is especially handy if you have two 3 s’s, and you want both starters.

Pokemon very early in the game and this well it is just a quick way to do so so yeah.

so this was the article on how to reset pokemon sun

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If you’ve got a soothe bell, let the Pokemon hold it while you’re out and about. Once you’ve bonded enough with Snom, all you have to do is level it up at nighttime and it will evolve into Frosmoth

To evolve Snom, you’ll need to have caught one in the first place. Thankfully, Snom isn’t too hard to run into. You can find one along Route 8 and Route 10. On Route 8.

the Pokemon will show up in the overworld, making it pretty easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. On Route 10, it tends to only spawn in random “!” encounters in the tall grass. Route 8 is your best bet if you still don’t have your own Snom.

Snom’s evolution isn’t as straightforward as other Pokemon. The level of the Pokemon does not matter. All that matters when evolving a Snom is friendship, as it will only evolve into Frosmoth once you raise its friendship level high enough.

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