How to Show Your Ping In Fortnite

Fortnite has launched another specification earlier in the month of august so that user can see the ping in the game.

  1. Once you’re into the main menu.
  2. navigate over to the “Game” section.
  3. then tab over to “Hud”.
  4. Towards the end of the list, there’s a “Net Debug Stats” 
  5. option which you can turn on to allow Ping and debug stats within a match.

Season 4 of Fortnite began on the 27th August 2020. The next update, v14.10, will arrive on the 10th of September. The update time will begin at 7am BST. The new season will run until the 11th December 2020.

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A small paragraph from Valorant post

But its too hard to reach these ranks because nowadays, people on a vast scale come to valorant to reach these ranks. And the competition rises every time.

So the elite once only passes. And not only by this, but Valorant is also Frequently taking safety measures for this game to be hack free, and Vanguard ensures this.

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