How to Write a D&D campaign-Beginners guide

How to Write a D&D campaign-Beginners guide clear Tips and Tricks

Greetings gamers, today. I am going to teach writing the first session For your homebrew campaign. For Example, I have taken information from a Youtuber  Credits:-Icarus Games. This is the explanatory Video

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First thing First

1.Read (and then re-read)

the Player’s Handbook. It’s important to have a basic understanding of the way 5th Edition operates.

2.The Dungeon Master’s Guide 

will give you an inside look at the way the developers of 5th edition intended this game to be run. It has great insight and time savers that will be instrumental in your campaign writing.

3. Main things to Keep in mind

1.The other players.

2.The world.

3. You/Yourself.

4.Guide your self an First make an Summary

The summary is the most important thing because that the first look you are giving to your story make sure the summary is written somewhere by this you can twist your story the way you want it to be.

5.Its all about you and your Thinking

In this game of Dungeons and Dragons imagine yourself as a Story writer a Director and most importantly as a narrator if you feel something is wrong re-do it doesn’t panic and stress out because it is all about you.

6. so to kick start here’s a Example Story Guide:-

The nation of Ashk, and during that time, we’ve made a map, we’ve decided on a pantheon of gods.

we’ve created our central tension, I created a starting city, and made our first major villain.

So the time has come. For us to start working on our very first session. Your first campaign session needs to accomplish a few different things first; it needs to get your players excited about the campaign.

Second, it needs to be an exciting individual standalone adventure. Third, it needs to introduce your players to the world

let them learn about it a little bit. Fourth, it needs to set the tone for the campaign.

And what the players can expect going forward, and fifth, it needs to set up future events.

that’s a tall order for a single drive, but using all the work we’ve done so far; I’m confident that we can achieve it

the first thing to decide is whether or not the players are going to start in the city of the Zeen

because whether they start in the town or not is going to change how we deliver information

to  them if they are in the town of Azim or if spent some time there or are familiar to the city in any means the way then we can deliver more information

to them upfront because it’s things that character would know whereas if they’re not from the city.

we can introduce information to them as they encounter things in the town it’s for that reason.

I think it’s better to start this adventure outside of the city and have none of the characters be from a zine that way.

we can have this first standalone adventure and that can end with them arriving at the city and starting the campaign

properly then we I need to think about what brings our heroes together

what is it that’s bought these different people from potentially other places together to this one the location we want to allow

them to have come from different places before their first meeting while also giving the the possibility.

that if they want to all know each other or be from an an organization that needs to being included as well

so the perfect start for this adventure is going to be that they’ve been hired to do a job

it’s a classic starting trope for D&D with good reason because it brings your players together and gives them,

A reason to stay together at least for the jury of this first or first couple of sessions.

so our players have been hired to do a job, but what is that job well let’s refer back to our goals

and see what we can come up with we need a fun standalone adventure that sets the tone for the campaign and introduces them to the world.

And I think the perfect way to do that is with a classic dungeon crawl it’s a staple of D&D and tabletop RPGs it’s a great

introduction for people who have never played before and by introducing a few different elements we can give,

a different take on it the veteran players might not expect so for a very first the session, our players will have been hired

by an NPC from Azim named Skyler Rana and she wants the players to delve into the tomb of Adnan.

Adnan was a famous wizard and scholar who discovered many of the mysteries of life and death

the dungeon the players will be traveling to was once his laboratory where he experimented with different kinds of death

magic ultimately he contracted the plague.And during his final days he began adding traps and obstacles

to the a place that would eventually become his tomb

to stop people coming and stealing his secrets the last anyone saw Allen was when he brought a group of followers

into his tomb and sealed it shut Scala has already hired a group of NPC’s from Azim

To attempt this task and all but one of them has died,she has to look further a field and advertised.

this job outside of the city so that the local law enforcement doesn’t crack down on before the campaign

that we will have sent a letter to our players from Scala explaining everything I’ve already gone over.

giving them their down payment of 100 gold, and she’ll tell them that if they’re successful.

they can collect their remaining reward directly from her within the city of Azim, our players will have been given a map

that shows them how to get to the point that the the previous group that descended into this tomb.

reached, and with that, that’s is where our adventure will begin, so now it’s time to start building the dungeon itself.

As usual, I’m going to use the five dungeon technique to get a ref framework for this dungeon.

I’ve talked at length in the past about why I love the fire dungeon, but it comes down to the fact that

I think five-room dungeon gives you very individual element that you want from a game of D&D

in one session so the the entrance room is going to be the room where the previous group failed in this room.

there are four statues and four platforms in the corners of the room these statues deities and three of them a hole.

And one of them is damaged with its head and one arm missing each of these statues

has a carved necklace with the pendant missing this entrance room is our puzzle when you stand on the 4 platforms in the corner.

you will feel a different effect depending on which one you stand one will make you feel slightly warmer

one you will feel a slight breeze one will make you feel slightly colder and another will make you feel a tremble

an in the center of each of these platforms will be a small wound talisman the players should quickly realize that the four platforms are right it’s.

the four elements and that this rune talismans that must get placed onto the Pendants of these statues.

Each statue is of a deity who has a domain in one of these elements and the puzzle is going to be matching the talisman to the the correct statue.

which will open the door if you place the incorrect talisman on a the statue is going to come to life.

And swing at you with one of its weapons, which is how the previous group died the players can use knowledge or history.

Checks to see if they know enough about any of these deities to know what element they might have a domain

over but otherwise, it’s going to be a case of trial and error.

however, there There are many little things in the story that you can change if you want to make things easier or more difficult for your players

If you’re going to make things easier. you can have a talisman already get placed in one of the statues, but it’s the wrong talisman and at the foot of the statue.

you’ll either see a corpse or a pedal of blood and the statues weapon will be bloody that should communicate to the players that the talisman.

that’s on the the statute is the wrong one, which eliminates one choice they’ve only got a 1 and 3 instead of a 1 in 4 chance

that or you could have a talisman already be placed in the crew Rek statue and maybe

when the statues have the tiles misplaced on them they turn and look towards the door you could use a combination of them to limit the number of trial and error

that the players have to go through if they don’t have any knowledge of deities or if you want to make things more complicated

you could have two of the statues be damaged so that there are two unknown deities in the room.

but once the players have placed all the thousands, the jaw will slide out of the way to reveal the don’t improper

the next section will be a long the corridor that slopes downwards as they enter into this corridor

they’ll see on the wall above the door behind them is a carved relief of the world as they make their way down this corridor

make secret perception or spot checks for them to see whether they spot the traps that you’ve placed

in this going on this is a secret skill challenge if they fail and trigger three traps the door behind them is going to slam

closed and a huge boulder is going to burst through that relief of the world on the wall and come.

rolling down the corridor towards them, and they can have a great Indiana the jones-style moment where they have to run

through the corridor and trying to avoid any more traps in front of them while evading this Boulder once the boulder comes out this turns

from a secret skill challenge into an overt skill challenge, and you’ll ask your players for different skill roles for them to leap over traps swing underneath things duck down

use their dexterity to dart between traps as they come out the wall and create this sense of tension all the while, the

Boulder is coming up behind them but at the end of the corridor they’ll jump into the next room and the Boulder will crash into the wall

crap the doorway and get stuck and this is their setback room, the door they have come through is blocked by the boulder

they are trapped in advanced tomb and their only option now is to press board and hope there is a second exit

the room the players find themselves in seems to be some kind of laboratory, there are tables with various

chemistry instruments, there are books and rolls of parchment everywhere and along one wall is a line of metal tables

each with a skeleton on and several tables bearing surgical instruments each of these skeletons will also,

be missing one limb, and it’s important to mention that because that’s going to come into play later on so as our players

Are just from fleeing from that Boulder and starts taking their surroundings these skeletons are going to

rise off their surgical tables and our first combat will again this should be a fairly straightforward encounter

they are pretty standard skeletons you can adjust them if you want things a little more difficult maybe use some

different profiles if you want a higher level encounter

but it should be a fairly essential fight and not a massive

threat to the party so the players will defeat the skeletons go through the door and descend some stairs into.

what looks like a large church a large meeting room at the end of which there’s a raised dais and a throne and upon the throne

sit the skeletal remains of the wizard adman and around his feet and in the pews throughout this room

it will be more skeletons when the players enter this odd room man will seem to arouse from a deep sleep and he’ll speak in a the language that they don’t understand

when they don’t respond he’ll tilt his head cycle through a few more distinct languages

until eventually he starts speaking common to them during the the course of that conversation/

he will tell them that he was partly triumphant, he did manage to cheat death to a degree.

but he is bound to this place if he will leave his tomb the Magic’s

that currently keeps him alive would fail, and he would crumble into death his goal for the longest

time has been to wait for someone to make it through his tomb

so that he can take their body and he will tell the players

that’s precisely what he intends to do with them and then

combat can begin this combat will be a little more challenging then

our first, the skeletons will be mostly the same but adnan

will be able to use a few spells to hamper the

players nothing too outrageous because he is technically dead

the magic of his the tomb is kept him alive, and much of its the power

that he once had is gone, so he will have several concepts and a few first level spells but

nothing super dangerous just enough to make the fight interesting maybe

some things like rope the trick to bind the players or spells

like dancing lights to dazzling once I’ve MANET and his followers are defeated, the

players have seemingly been successful they’ve defeated ad man they’ve beaten the tune but, they’ll quickly realize that the journals

that they have come here to find and nowhere to be seen there is a staircase at the back of

the room if they follow that it will lead to a the secret door

that will open out into the the initial room

that they were in the room with the deity statues

but nowhere will they can see the books, so they’re going to have to

go back and look for a the secret door

that will open into a side the room that has admins work inside

this is our red herring the players think they’ve won, and they think they’ve defeated admin and beat in the

dungeon and all they need to do is recover his work, we remember those skeletons that I talked about before

that were missing one arm,but when they open up the secret the door, they’ll realize that admin has been trying

to build himself a new body and they will meet with a bone golem a creature that will construct of various bone limbs

from the different skeletons down in this tomb

creature will be infused with the advanced spirit after he dies and there will be a second fight this fight

doesn’t need to be especially hard shock of opening the door and finding

this bone golem is the real the prize here for the players

but you can scale the difficulty if the previous fights haven’t been challenging for the players

well maybe at the bone golems HP increase its damage as needed if everything else has been relatively punishing

well, maybe this bone golem is a fragile and needy construct that would not have been able to bear have

ran out of the tomb anyway once they’ve defeated the bone golem.

they can look around this room and they’ll quite quickly discover at man’s journals

they’ll be able to take them with them up that staircase at the back of the meeting room

back into the room with the deities and out of the – once the players return to the surface

all that is left for them is to return to Azim

to recover their reward and we’ll end the session on that arrival into Azim and start the

next one with them claiming their reward

so the last thing we do in this are they arriving in the big city and seeing.

the world before them and all the possibilities

so that we have it at man’s tomb the first mission of our

homebrew campaign, let’s look back and see

if we met those design goals that I set out at the start of the video.

we gave our players an exciting adventure that had puzzles and traps and combat encounters and some

surprises our players will have learned a little bit about the world.

they are playing in they’ll have learned about the wizard

Batman and hopefully they will have also gained some information on a few of the deities that might

come into play later in the campaign, we set up the tone

we set up the future by placing the reward inside the city

and ending our adventure before we get there so

that the next session the players know what they have to do

at least at the start, which gives them a clear path forward and finally.

I think that anyone that played this session would be pretty excited to carry on into this world,

so I believe that we’ve accomplished all of our goals

and we’ve either as part of your campaign or as the start of a new campaign

 I’d love to might enjoy and until next time, happy gaming.

So that was the quide that we have provided you for How to Write a D&D campaign-Beginners guide hope you like it please share and subscribe to the gentle man above

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