Reason why India and Pakistan is silent on Uighur Matter

Reason why India and Pakistan is silent on Uighur Matter full story simplified by Techcraze.

Sunni Muslim’s in Uighur are being tortured just because of their basis on Religion Uighur is a place in northern china where there are lot of Muslims.

some of the Few tortures are listed here:-

1. No Beard

Muslim getting shaved forcefully

As per Susanna in Islam, Beard is one of the important things to follow ISLAM (Sun-nah things which were recommended by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

As per this rule this region Muslim cant keep a beard if they keep a beard this would lead to detention camp.

2.No Hijab and No Long Dresses

In this way the Islam followers are getting tortured a women in Islam shouldn’t go without a Hijab.

It is very sinful if they are still wearing it then the detention camp is the answer to them.

3.Detention Camps

There are very strict laws to follow for a islam follower in China,Throwing a muslim to a detension center is very common.

Chinese Imam’s forced to Dance

In this detention camps Muslim teacher’s or Imam’s are getting forced to dance or else the officials could kill them.

the reason why pakistan and india and every islam nation is silent

Why Pakistan is Silent

As you know the Debt of china in Pakistan has increased in the past years and china is in the dream of Silk road.

And china invests a lot in pakistan without thinking just to take the control over the ports. as that will make silk road more Fast

Pakistan is just silent because china is like the land lord

If the owner/landlord kicks out of the house he will be left alone that’s the reason why pakistan cancelled the inspection.

Why India is silent and other Islam countries.

The simple answer is:-

Waiting for the right moment because the biggest competitor of china is U.S.A and India

And enemy’s enemy is a friend after Joe biden taking control of America

we are expecting him to view this matter carefully till then please share it to your friends so that they can know this a lot more better.

Readmore at Techcraze and check out aljazeera for more information.

Some Highlights of the previous Posts:

white hat jr fraud:- if you are active on social media or some what T.V channels you may have discovered that a Company naming White-hat-junior.

promises a child to get a good lead or a promotion to Silicon Valley which is completely Rubbish and Fraud.

in this there are key points that will prove this white hat jr fraud

On 29th of OCT 2020 ADVERTISING STANDARDS COUNCIL OF INDIA (ASIC) Banned 5 ads which were misleading to the children and Parents.

In this advertisement videos they showed that via simple Blocks of Coding the child can earn more reputation.

As in India many people Believed that this would really make my child successful and bought premium plans which are upto 1 lakh.

False promises like Promotion to silicon valley or guaranteed success were common.

And hence by there Fake ads campaign they grabbed more attention and more sales.

White-hat-jr. agreed to this and they took down the Advertisement Video


Readmore at Whitehatjr. Fraud

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Reason why India and Pakistan is silent on Uighur Matter

Reason why India and Pakistan is silent on Uighur Matter

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