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Once upon a time in a small town lived women Zoha.

who was a great doctor as well as a peaceful and merciful woman. Her life was like a bird which always flies in an independent sky.

Her father, Rahman, is known as a sincere person in his society. He always supported Zoha in her whole life career, after sometimes she was got married to Zafar.

Who was a courageous man, and he too belongs to a prestigious family like Zoha’s

They both were delighted and was living a charmed,married life.

Everything was going normal in Zafar and Zoha’s life till Zafar’s brothers Akif and Kamran enter in their life.

They return to India from Mauritius to do business staying at Zafar house.

Both Akif and Kamran were just like criminals.

Zafar kept them in there in his house, but here started the real story as they started a business in which they took a lot of stock

from the market and kept the money pending to the whole market.

Akif and Kamran knew that Zafar has a lot of money and he can repay the money to market. They planned and took Zafar as their partner in business
with so many loans and debts on Zafar’s name.

They put all the accounting work on Zafar’s head as being an auditor,

Zafar only can save them from bad debts.

Zafar, who was very competent in accounting and financial work,

started helping his cousins and lost all his income behind this business as he could not deny and accepted the position.

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