Visiting Every country in the world by Drew Binsky.

Visiting Every country in the world by Drew Binsky. – Techcraze Cover story

There are over 195 Countries in the world in total, some countries often don’t let visitors to visit, some of them don’t even existed years ago.

some of them were so much hospitable that you cant even imagine. some of them were so strict that you cant even move without a guide or a official person.

Fact: There are just 199 people who successfully visited every country in the world out of “7 billion people” such courageous people visited all of these countries.

And this story is of the future visitor who visited almost every country and will be completing this criteria very soon! (All thank to 🙁 covid).

Meet Drew Binsky

Drew Goldberg is an American travel blogger and vlogger. Binsky documents his travels on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

this man is one of the best vloggers on YouTube with his sub count of 2.31 million and total views of 451,576,376.

Drew is not only a traveler but a Humble person with his vision of peace and love around the world.

he successfully managed to get out hard to get in countries like CHAD,NORTH KOREA,YEMEN,SYRIA, and many other countries

which are still in a conflict or in a state of war.


Drew is a jewish. but he doesn’t look what other dont see in others for example Pakistan.

this is what Pakistan is really like caring, friendly and hospitable people for decades this country has received a horrible reputation from media around the globe. Drew also added.


Now we can assume how much his mind has a different perspective on people. Drew not only have a good mindset. he also changes the old, mindset they have.

his aim is not only to visit every country in the world but to show l a good in vibe to all others.

COUNTRY ASPECT See dont take us wrong. there are people one in 100% who are wrong doers but you cant change the fact that the remaining “the majority” of them are Humble and hospitable.

one wrong step from a so an so country person changes the whole worlds perspective on that country. In this case Drew and many active vloggers try to say the same.


he not only makes video on a particular country he covers up interesting stories. like:-




and many more covered and will be covering up.

Today’s Media View

see this post is not about how amazing drew is its about how drew’s thinking is!

many people just like him because of his way of creating amazing videos in a extravaganza style.

Todays generation is stuffed with bad media reviews on different political and non political ideas which lead to be a bad impression for many of us.

by these travel bloggers we are now socially connected to them so that we should know the hidden qualities which are residing under the deep crux.

“media shows us what they are told to show”


Not only drew binsky there are a thousand of these vloggers who show us the reality but we as a public view decline the fact that not every one is having a terror face behind.

And we should support everybody who is rising the facts and clearing the myths.

Credits: @drewbinsky

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Visiting Every country in the world by Drew Binsky. – techcraze

Visiting Every country in the world by Drew Binsky. – techcraze

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