is web hosting provider cheating you?

Your website needs a basic hosting so that I can get available to the whole world. there are millions of website that provide web hosting, but not all of them are honest | is web hosting provider cheating you? and the answer is YES.

Let’s start-First thing First.

Description and values. Dilemma

As a Viewer, you need hosting.and you want to buy the cheapest.

so the user will buy, which will consist of basic hosting. 

here in the basic, it shows unlimited bandwidth and a total amount of disk space.

which is a complete lie in that they don’t provide unmetered bandwidth or disk space; 

they then refer to the Terms and condition which clearly says that the site will lag if more and more audience reach you 

if you are Knew make sure you check these points to do not get fooled next time

1.Check Plans that have Cpanel installed 

CPanel is regarded as one of the best software to use and install;

manage your website there are many specifications, app pre-installed if you wanted to install wordpress Go ahead and check this specification included 

2.Check whether you get a Free SSL certificate and Free E-mail service.

You often saw sites with the padlock before the URL

And sometimes not because the websites with an SSL certificate get this padlock. 

That increases your security if they don’t move on to another website because SSL nowadays is compulsory.

and buying or getting a free SSL certificate doesn’t guarantee your website’s protection.

3.Check the terms and Condition of Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage option

Big companies wanted more sales, so they little bit trick customers and fool you but in a legal way.

Make sure how many websites will be smoothly available and how much traffic the website/hosting company will handle without any server errors.

4.Make sure you Check an SSD option.

SSD- solid state drive keeps your website up-time because usually, Hard disk is a little slow compared to SSD. This SSD option helps give the user valuable information every time they want and at a significantly faster speed.

5.Check and understand the disk space

First, you should see and calculate your requirements;

if you are E-commerce, 2-10 Gb will work fine for you, and if you are a Blogger, you write more and articles every day so

never choose 1Gb-2Gb storage within 25-35 posts your storage will get full

And your site will lag. so by this, never try to go with less disk space

Any question feel free to google it

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