What if Akshay Kumar wins the 500cr. Defamation case?

In this post we will see scenario what if Akshay Kumar wins the 500cr. Defamation case?

FF News has been making video’s that Defame the popular Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar.

On Nov 19 this year Akshay Kumar filed a case against the FF news which has over 370,000 subscribers on youtube (owner-Rashid Siddiqui)

who made false allegation on Akshay Kumar.

At one time Siddiqui claimed that Akshay was not very much happy with sushant singh rajput getting big flims (like M.S dhoni)

and also said that he had some secret meeting with Mumbai police and Aditya Thackeray (Maharashtra Cabinet Minister).

Which were Totally False.

Who is Rashid Siddiqui ?

Report say that he is a Civil Engineers from Bihar he started making his YouTube Video’s from Feb 26, 2016.

he made video’s on Friday(Naming it Filmyfriday) in which he provdes latest collection of Bollywood videos

news videos, Filmy reviews videos, etc.

Will his Youtube Channel get Terminated?

According to Youtube Policy’s

YouTube guidelines against deceptive practices include tough policies against users who misrepresent themselves or who engage in other deceptive practices.

This includes deceptive use of manipulated media (e.g. ‘deep fakes’) which may pose serious risks of harm.

Manipulated Media: Content that has been technically manipulated or doctored in a way that misleads users (beyond clips taken out of context) and may pose a serious risk of egregious harm.

Read More at https://bit.ly/3kQ7S4z

his Youtube Channel’s specific videos or his whole channel can be Removed,Terminated, or else will be given a strike.

which can cause huge damage to his YouTube Carrier. YouTube channel is very much strict on their policy’s.

What are the Chances of winning the Cases?

All this decision will be taken by the court, we are no one to predict the possibility’s of wining or losing the case.

I and my team mates believe that everyone is below the law and more than us the Court knows to make Decision.

What if Akshay Kumar wins the Case

if Akshay kumar wins the case the FF news has to pay a huge a amount of 500 Crores to Akshay.

A average to youtuber Salary is based on the amount of Views he gets and from where he gets.

Compared to the bigger youtubers FF news has a much lower Audience which means less traffic that makes impossible for Rashid Siddiqui

To payback this Amount of money through YouTube.


This post is tottaly based on our personal opinion please dont take any of these post line serious.

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What if akshay kumar wins the 500cr. Defamation case?

What if akshay kumar wins the 500cr. Defamation case?

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