White Hat Jr. is FRAUD (with Proof)

white hat jr fraud:- if you are active on social media or some what T.V channels you may have discovered that a Company naming White-hat-junior.

promises a child to get a good lead or a promotion to Silicon Valley which is completely Rubbish and Fraud.

in this there are key points that will prove this white hat jr fraud

So here is the proof :-
Please read the major 3 points to know more about this

1. Advertisement Fraud

On 29th of OCT 2020 ADVERTISING STANDARDS COUNCIL OF INDIA (ASIC) Banned 5 ads which were misleading to the children and Parents.

In this advertisement videos they showed that via simple Blocks of Coding the child can earn more reputation.

As in India many people Believed that this would really make my child successful and bought premium plans which are upto 1 lakh.

False promises like Promotion to silicon valley or guaranteed success were common.

And hence by there Fake ads campaign they grabbed more attention and more sales.

White-hat-jr. agreed to this and they took down the Advertisement Video

In the sense they AGREED that these ads were Misleading.


whitehatjr fraud company
white hat jr fraud
All thanks to @wickedjohnie

Names like Wolf Gupta are used that they can maintain trust in parents and mentally Force them to book a Free classAnd join the this Fraudlent Company.

3.Hefty Prices For classes

As you can see that basic plan starts with Just 8 classes at the rate of ruppes 5,999 (Price per class set as per 750)

Detailed Breakdown of this Plan:-

  • Just a small introduction to Coding in which they will show some basic things which can be learned for free on Youtube
  • The thing which is in Cognitive Benefits tells us that it improves Logical thinking as you know Logical thinking
  • And for support there are website like Stack over Flow and Quora
  • Create your own Games and Basic apps this is most fake thing as you know high end games like Free Fire or casual games like Among us are made in Big software’s like Unity or unreal
  • Which require a lot of experience in the field they promise to make apps like this in just 8 classes.
  • And basic apps are already made and there is 0% need of remaking them. to gain experience there is no need for you to spend this much amount of money on this course

Next which is referred as Most popular

which has less than 50 classes

  • covers Animation which doesn’t covers Trending software like Maya and Blender
  • which is open source and you can learn from any corner from the world for free.
  • As this software is more advance than any other.
  • They just try to fool you and make easy animations but doesn’t teach you this Blender or Maya
  • which has a better Scope.(Learn this Software at Udemy for less than 499 rupees).
  • They are expressing that by this course you can be Full Entrepreneur as you know
  • “you or your Child” doesn’t Need this course or certification to be so.

Publishing your APP on Play Store

  • As you know they only Refer play store not the app store just because
  • the app store require different programming language like Swift.
  • Which they are not going to teach you anyway.
  • For independent publishing, you can just pay 25$ to google play store publisher center
  • And you can upload unlimited applications on play store.
  • A white Hat junior also doesn’t give proper Credit to child who made it.
  • So please Don’t waste money to get your app on play store.

The most last and the most precious plan

Please see this Full video after this you will understand the logic behind this plan and about this fake company.

4.Bonus (what about Computer.S Engg)

white hat jr fraud:-we all have been wondering about the future decline of this services due to many people getting into this field

and this will lead to decrease the price of these services

As you know the Deference between A mechanic and Mechanical Engineers

A simple mechanic does small and simple thinks that are in less demand and are very much available

An Professional engineering is the one who did lots of study and years of research.

Just like that there isn’t any competition between a mouth fed computer nerd and an professional Computer Science Engineers.

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